On August 14, 2021 the southern peninsula of Haiti was struck with a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Almost 2000 people perished. Countess others were injured severely. Thousands have lost their homes and businesses.

The Souvenir Children Foundation of Haiti, Inc is focusing its relief efforts on 100 families in two localities [Nouguess and Perrien]near the city of Anse-a-Veau. The most immediate needs are food and shelter. Later on we will concentrate on rebuilding efforts.

Please donate to:

  • Purchase plastic sheeting for shelter $110/roll [2000 sqft/roll,200-300 sqft/dwelling]
  • Purchase food for families : $ 10.00/day/family [100 families]
  • Purchase water purification kits : $ 20.00/kit[100 families]
  • Purchase of medicines for local hospital:$ 10,000.00
  • Purchase hygiene kits: $15/kit/family [100 families]
  • Rebuild as many homes as funds permit : $ 5000.00/home/family [100 families]