December 2021

Dear Friends and Supporters of Souvenir Children Foundation of Haiti, Inc,

We close out the year feeling grateful. We are looking forward to the future with a lot of anticipation of what we can accomplish together with your help.

As you know in August of this year Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake  which claimed over 2000 lives and caused massive devastation in the southern part of the country. Our strategy has been to focus on a 100 families in two communities located in the region : Nouguess and Perrien.

With your help we have been able to:

  • Send a truckload of food items purchased in Haiti which arrived at the right time in late August.
  • Arrange for multiple shipping of boxes of articles of clothing, toiletries, dry foods ,tools, tents, etc.… as recently as two weeks ago.
  • Send plastic sheeting for shelter which was put to use immediately by the people.
  • Start construction of homes. So far, two homes are under construction. Our on site partners are gathering information to further the rebuilding project.

In the first half of the year, the political instability and gang activity in  Haiti sadly resulted in the closing of the three schools our Foundation support. However, an unexpected opportunity presented to our Foundation to help  support a school in Belle Fountaine, an extremely poor area in the mountains away from the turmoil in the capital.

At the moment 130 children are meeting in a temporary building with 7 teachers. We are helping with the construction of an additional temporary building at a cost of $ 5,000.00 We have committed to pay the teachers’ salaries [$200.00/teacher/month] .Eventually we would like to build a school in that area.

We are hopeful the political situation in Haiti will improve so the three schools will reopen next year.

We continue to give out scholarships to deserving college students .This year we have helped two students majoring in education [$1000.00/student].

Please continue to help us. We count on your generous support for us to keep making a significant difference in the lives of the people of Haiti. On behalf of all the students, parents and teachers ,the people of Nouguess and Perrien , we wish you a Blessed Christmas and Holiday Season and a joyful New Year.

With a grateful heart,


Eunice Laborde
President of Souvenir Children Foundation of Haiti, Inc.

Two men moving large bags of food resources distributed to the area.

Food distribution in Nouguess in late August.

Shipment of supplies and resources

Shipment to Haiti

Group of multi-aged children at Belle Fontaine School

Pupils at the Belle Fontaine school.

Exterior of Belle Fontaine School building in Haiti

Exterior of Belle Fountaine School